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the female art of working 

our vision

wombiz is more than a networking platform for female entrepreneurs and start-ups

It is a space for the female art of working

In our cocreation groups the women functions as wombees for each other to fertilize projects and business, so we can all flourish together…

the beauty of wombiz…

🌸 wombiz brings the deep ancient wisdom of women circles into the modern world of business
🌸 the unique matchmaking algorithm finds the most potential collaborations for creating your own inner wombiz working group
🌸 every woman gets involved according to her time, location, skills and needs

wombiz will change the world because…

🌸wombiz will make a difference in the world infusing the modern society with creative-caring feminine way of working and growing together

🌸Inspire each other

🌸Network naturally

🌸Growing together


how to become a wombee?

want to become a wombee?

fill the apllication survey by clicking the ‘apply now’ button

send a message to with your name and statement why you would be the perfect wombee to expand our circle.


🌸 a free heart flowing session to get ready with your business name, branding texts, and vision statement


🌸 finding the perfect wombiz working group to fertilize your business

business positioning

🌸 free positioning of your business within the wombiz network

access to opportunities

🌸 one for all and all for one – have access to the skills and experience of the complete wombiz network



🌸 gaining valuable business contacts for inspiring and supporting each other

exchange skills

🌸flower coins to start trading with other wombees

meet our core wombees

Astrid Akash

female embodyment coaching


empower women to connect and drop into their feminine, sexuality, partnership

Berivan Kaya

alchemy of art


dive into the unique field of creativity and experience the powerful healing potential of the breath

Patricia Flender

designs by heart


energetically implement the customers vision in a graphic and artistic way made from heart soul and brain

Patricia Lindner

the feminine path


to create soul-filled and successful leaders

Felicitas Schneider

blue light soul magic


support you to re-member and reconnect to your true soul essence and embody it in your daily live, the way back to your own magical, sparkling soul essence!

Eva Reida

coach for female sexual superpowers


unleash the orgasmic WOW-energy, to bloom in every part of your life

Mary Silver

the rainbow woman


guide humans into awakening their true soul potential for creating a wealthy and fulfilled life

be a part of the hive


membership pricing package

monthly pitch n grow zoom session

free guest pass

heart flowing n business vision session


yearly membership (free session)

€222 (€18.5/month)

get in touch

let’s work together!